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KOZA WEB (hereafter referred to as "this website") is Okinawa City’s tourism portal website operated by Okinawa City. The management of this website is outsourced to SITE Ltd.
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Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights and other rights related to this website (including text and image materials that make up this website) are owned and managed by Okinawa City.
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About the Use of Images and Videos

The images and videos (hereinafter referred to as "materials") on this website are provided free of charge to various media and tourism businesses that have applied to use the materials in the media library upon agreeing to the following terms of use and prohibited uses.

Terms of Use
The materials may be used only for the purpose for which the user has applied.
The user must display the following credit when using the material: © Okinawa City
※The symbol "©" can be replaced with "Photo provided by:" or "Copyright".
If you wish to publish the materials, please inform us of the media in which they will be published (including the schedule of TV broadcasts, and the name and issue of the newspaper or magazine in which they will be published) before the time of publication, and send us the deliverables as soon as possible after publication.
If you are an individual (not including sole proprietors) and wish to post the materials on your own blog, social media, or content sharing platforms, you do not need to inform us before or after publication.

Prohibited Uses
You may not use the materials in a manner that does not match the purpose for which you applied.
You may not sublicense the use of the materials to any third party.
You may not use the materials to indicate trademarks, trade names or other products.
You may not use the materials in a manner that harms the reputation or credibility of Okinawa City, SITE Ltd., the materials, or the subjects of the materials (referring to all people and objects pictured in the materials, such as natural persons, buildings, and natural scenery).
You may not use the materials in combination with the works of others (film, television or radio programs, videos, music, books, art, photographs, or other works) for which you have not obtained permission.

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