Eisa, Okinawa's traditional performing art.

Okinawa City declared itself the "City of Eisa" on June 13, 2007, and has been working to revitalize the community through the succession and development of eisa culture, and the sound upbringing of the community's youth.
The Okinawa Zento Eisa Matsuri (formerly the Zento eisa competition), which began in 1956, is the largest event in Okinawa Prefecture and is held annually in Okinawa City on the weekend following the Lunar Bon Festival.
Eisa Night is another popular event, where three to six youth groups gather every weekend and perform at various locations in Okinawa City to set the mood for the all-island eisa festival.

The "Agarinazato Eisa Festival(7/16/2023)," "Fuzan Festival(7/23/2023)," "Koza Eisa Festival," and "Okinawa Zoo and Museum Eisa Summer Festival (8/5,8/6/2023) are other eisa events that can be enjoyed in Okinawa City.
Eisa Museum, located on the first floor of Koza Music Town at Goya Crossroads in the center of Okinawa City, is a facility where visitors can have fun experiencing eisa and learn about eisa history and culture. The store sells eisa-related goods and attracts many school excursions and tourists every year.

Eisa characters Eibo and Sa-chan, who promote Okinawa City, the city of Eisa, are also taking an active part in the festival.