【Cancelled】[8/5-8/6] Eisa Summer Festival 2023 @ Okinawa Zoo & Museum

[8/5-8/6] Eisa Summer Festival 2023 @ Okinawa Zoo & Museum
Location Okinawa Zoo & Museum (5-7-1 Goya, Okinawa City)
Date 2023.Aug.05(Sat) ~ 2023.Aug.06(Sun)
Open 16:00
Close 21:00

The Eisa Summer Festival has been cancelled due to Typhoon Khanun.

Eisa Summer Festival in Okinawa Zoo & Museum will be held on 8/5 (Sat.) and 8/6 (Sun.)!

■Date: August 5 (Sat.) and 6 (Sun.), 2023 16:00-21:00 (Last admission 20:00)
■Location: Okinawa Zoo & Museum
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★Performing Groups *Link to the introduction page of each youth group in Okinawa City.
Nakanomachi Youth Association
Higashi Youth Association
Kubota Youth Association
Sonda Youth Association
*Please note that the contents are subject to change.


[8/5]Okinawa Zoo & Museum Eisa Summer Festival 2023 Program

01.16:00~16:10 Greetings
02.16:10~16:30 Uminoko Kodomo Kai (Okinawa City)
03.16:30~16:50 Nakagusuku Gosamaru Drum (Nakagusuku Village)
04.16:50~17:10 Sumire Children's Party (Okinawa City)
05.17:10~17:30 Healthy Youth Development Association Moromizato Children's Association (Okinawa City)
06.17:30~17:50 Gushikawa Kasshin Drum (Uruma City)
07.17:50~18:10 Sonoda Children's Association (Okinawa City)
08.19:00~19:10 Greetings
09.19:10~19:30 Goeku Seinenkai (Okinawa City)
10.19:30~19:50 Meio Eisa (Meio University)
11.19:50~20:10 Tsuha Youth Association (Nakagusuku Village)
12.20:10~20:30 Shimabukuro Seinenkai (Kitanakagusuku Village)
13.20:30~20:50 Sonoda Seinenkai (Okinawa City)
   20:50~21:00 Kachaashi♪

[8/6]Okinawa Zoo & Museum Eisa Summer Festival 2023 Program

01.16:00~16:10 Greetings
02.16:10~16:30 Hands-on Children's Party (Okinawa City)
03.16:30~16:50 Koja Shoryu Drum with Koja Sanshintai (Okinawa City)
04.16:50~17:10 Yuidaiko (Uruma City)
05.17:10~17:30 Miyazato Children's Association (Okinawa City)
06.17:30~17:50 Misato Children's Association Incubation Association (Okinawa City)
07.17:50~18:10 Okinawa City Ikehara Children's Association (Okinawa City)
08.18:20~18:30 Greetings
09.18:30~18:50 Ryukyu windmill (Okinokuni Univ.)
10.18:50~19:10 Kamaryo Youth Association (Okinawa City)
11.19:10~19:30 Ikehara Youth Association (Okinawa City)
12.19:30~19:50 Higashi Seinenkai (Okinawa City)
13.19:50~20:10 Matsumoto Youth Association (Okinawa City)
14.20:10~20:30 Goya Youth Association (Okinawa City)
15.20:30~20:50 Yamazato Youth Association (Okinawa City)
   20:50~21:00 Kachaashi♪

▼Access to Okinawa City
Okinawa city - Access and parking info

<Eisa Night 2023>

・6/18 (Sun) Southeast Botanical Gardens
・6/25 (Sun) Koza Music Town Otoichiba
・7/02 (Sun) Koza Music Town Otoichiba
・7/09 (Sun) Koza Music Town Otoichiba
・8/12(Sat) Awase Payao
・8/13(Sun) Awase Payao

*The above schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions.
*Please do not park illegally or on the streets around the venue or in commercial facilities such as convenience stores, supermarkets, etc., and park in the parking lots designated by the facility.

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