Declaration of the Eisa City

Declaration of the Eisa City

Earth shaking by sounds of drums,
The songs and the sounds of sunshine reach the sky,
Drums shaking to preserve history and to promote everlasting peace,
In the Dynamic and Splendid performances on summer nights,
Young men splash their pearls of sweat.

Dub-a-dub,Dub-a-dub,Dub-a-dub,drums of the souls,
Thrum,thrum,thrum,the healing sounds of sunshine,
Whiz,whiz,whiz,the sounds of finger flutes,
Voice leap with the sounds of Suri sa sa!br The rhythm of Eisa harmonizes with the wavelength of the universe,Setting loose the heart of people,Bred by
Eisa,the young men love their hometown.

Among the native performing cultural arts of Okinawa,
the Okinawa Islandwide Eisa Festival has given courage and vitality to everyone affected by post war
over the years,the Okinawa Islandwide Eisa Festival has animated and offered them excitement.
While fascinating people all over the city,the Eisa culture has developed into a film inheritance of the
citizens of Okinawa.

Through Eisa,a kindhearted spirit we have continued to celebrate the great cultural heritage that our
ancestors founded.
We have used our warm welcoming people,our pride,and our heritage to seek the development of a highly
cultural and hospitable city.
The citizens of Okinawa City hereby declare Okinawa city,the City of Eisa.

June 13, Heisei 19
Okinawa City