The Eisa Experience

In this program, taught by members of Okinawa City Youth Assosiations, you can try out authentic, traditional Eisa for about 2 hours. Participants will try the large taiko drum, the roped taiko drum, and the paranku drum and have a go at the hand dance while wearing Eisa costumes and try playing traditional Eisa tunes such as “Chunjun Nagari” or “Toshindoi” or original melodies such as “Shichi Gwachi Eisa.” Many school groups visit Okinawa to take part in The Eisa Experience and it has received acclaim for giving visitors an opportunity to meet the local people.

Contact Information
EISA PROJECT - Okinawa City Tourism Association
904-0031 Okinawa CityUechi 1-1-1 105
TEL : 098-989-5066