Tsukemen Jinbei

One of the most popular Tsukemen restaurants in the prefecture

☆This popular restaurant's tsukemen dish is worth the wait☆

Jinbei is one of the most popular "tsukemen" restaurants in the prefecture. Every day it is crowded with customers who love tsukemen.
"Tabelog Best Ramen 2014" No.1 in Okinawa Prefecture!
Nominated restaurant for the "Tabelog Japan Ramen Award 2016"!
Their tsukement is sure to convince you, "No wonder they're so popular!"

You must try it when you come to Okinawa City!

No, come to Okinawa City for the tsukemen!

Address 904-2143
5-13-18 Chihana, Okinawa City
Contact Phone:098-938-1558
Parking Available
*Please do not park in other stores' parking spaces.
Business hours 11:30 - 16:00 (closes when sold out)

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