Player's Cafe

Player's Cafe is a fashionable cafe that doubles as a hotel reception desk.

The food and drinks are elaborate, and it is one of the most popular restaurants on Chuo Park Avenue.

It is also famous as the recording location for the local TV program "Koza no uragawa," which dives deep into Koza.


Player’s CAFE インスタグラム

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Address 904-0004
2-6-47 Chuo, Okinawa City, Okinawa
Contact Phone:098-929-1169
Parking Not available
Business hours Mon., Wed., Thu., Sun. 15:00~22:00
Fri. and Sat. 15:00-23:00
Closed: Mon. (2nd, 4th), Tue.
Capacity Table seats: 16
Counter seats: 4
Terrace seats: 11

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