Noodles and Rice Souhachiya

Great Satisfaction! Thick and rich ramen!

This restaurant is located in Awase and offers ramen and fried rice. They have two types of ramen: Jiro-style "Pork Ramen" and "Ginger Shoyu Ramen", and for fried rice, they have "Kara'age Fried Rice" and "Yaki Pork Fried Rice" as well as the standard fried rice. Of course, they also offer half fried rice to go with the ramen, so please come on in on days when you want to eat with gusto!

Address 904-2173
5-2-1 Awase, Okinawa City
Parking Available
Parking is on the large window side of the store.
Business hours Closed: Wednesday
【Lunch】11:30-15:00 L.O. 14:45
【Dinner】18:00-21:00 L.O. 20:45
For more information, please visit the store's instagram.

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