Takeout Specialty Store Plus 1

A product selected as Okinawa City's certified product "KOZA CHOICE!"

Plus 1, located in Minamitobaru, Okinawa City, is a takeout specialty store as its name suggests. Their most popular tacos, made with plenty of ground beef, are piping hot and moist, wrapped in meat and lettuce, and topped with a special original salsa sauce that has the perfect combination of richness and spiciness. Of course, taco rice using these popular taco ingredients and sauce is also one of their popular menu items!

The reason for their popularity is not only the taste, but also the fact that you can choose from two sizes, large and small, and the portions that almost overflows from the take out container. This taco rice remains delicious even after it cools down over time, and has been selected by Okinawa City's ''KOZA CHOICE!'' as an excellent product.

Address 904-0035
2-10-3 Minamitobaru, Okinawa City
Contact Phone:098-932-1939
Parking Not available
Business hours 11:00-20:00
Closed: Sundays, public holidays

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