Abbey Road

Delicious home-roasted coffee and a love of the Beatles. Record Cafe Abbey Road.

Record Cafe "Abbey Road" is a coffee shop run by Mitsuru Uchima, aka “Elvis Uchima,” who loves British rock and deeply influenced by John Lennon, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Costello. The shop overflows with love for freshly roasted coffee and the Beatles.

The shop's record collection consists of thousands of records, which can be enjoyed through more than 80 speakers.
You can relish delicious coffee while being enveloped by music.
In principle, the cafe is limited to 2 people. Call ahead to make a reservation.

From Route 330, turn down the small road just before the Koza Crossroads, go down the narrow path for a while, and you will see a poster of the famous Beatles album “Abbey Road."

Address 904-0002
3-20 Shiromaecho, Okinawa City
Contact Phone:090-6859-1610
Parking Not available
Business hours Closed: irregular

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