The Okinawa soba bowls are handmade, too!

The soup made with bonito and balanced to perfection with the flavor of pork is fragrant and simply exquisite. You are guaranteed to want to come back for more!
This soba restaurant is a favorite of local customers.

Introduced by Koza no Uragawa(KOZA TV)

Address 904-2143
4-15-36 Chibana, Okinawa, Okinawa
Contact Phone:090-4518-4497
Parking Available
Business hours 11:00 - 14:00
Closed: Sunday
Reference price Mix Soba ¥600
Soba with vegetables ¥600
Goya champuru ¥600
Fuu champuru ¥550
Website https://wakigawaya.on.omisenomikata.jp/

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