Shimanchu Soba

Savor the perfect combination of their Okinawa soba soup and thin noodles!

Shimanchu Soba is the sister restaurant of the long-established taco rice restaurant ""Gate 1"" in Kin Town.
The ""Taco Rice Soba Set"" allows you to enjoy authentic Okinawa soba made with savory pork bone broth, together with a side of taco rice!"

Address 904-2174
3-8-1 Yogi, Okinawa, Okinawa
Contact Phone:098-931-0310
Parking Available
Business hours 11:00 - last order at 19:30, closes at 20:00
Closed: Okinawa Obon holidays and New Year's Day
Reference price Shimanchu Soba ¥600
Soki Soba ¥600
San-mai-niku soba ¥600
Taco rice cheese veggies ¥650
Nitsuke meal ¥850
Kid's soba set ¥550

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