28th Okinawa Marathon 2020 @ Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park
Venue Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park (5-3-1 Hiyagon, Okinawa-shi)
Date 2020.02.16(Sun) ~ 2020.02.16(Sun)
Cost ■Full Marathon (general public)
・Adult (up to age 64): ¥7,000
・Age 16-18, age 65 and older: ¥6,000
■Full Marathon (competitive division) ¥7,000 (registered track-and-field members)
■10km Road race 
・Adult: ¥4,700
・Age 16 to 18: ¥3,200
(Fees include insurance.)
※Visually impaired participants must be accompanied by an escort at all times. Escorts must also submit an application form (however, the participation fee will be exempted).
Along with the Naha Marathon which takes place in December, the Okinawa Marathon is an official JAAF (Japan Association of Athletics Federations) marathon representative of Okinawa.

Participants will run through 5 municipalities including Okinawa City, Uruma City, Kadena, Chatan, and Kitanakagusuku. A unique aspect of the marathon which sets it apart from the rest is the second half of the course, which runs through Kadena Air Base.

Being an official JAAF full marathon with a competitive and general division, the event also includes a 10km road race open to high school students and the general public, making it a comprehensive marathon that runners of all levels can enjoy.
Not only does the event contribute to the advancement and promotion of competitive sports on the island, it serves as an important role in the economic development of Okinawa.

■Date: February 16, 2020 (SUN)

■Place: Course
・Full Marathon: Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park (Awase) Start & Finish   
※JAAF-approved course
・10 km Road Race: 5km turning point course

1. Full Marathon
 Start 9:00 → Finish 15:15 (6 hours 15 min)
2. 10km
 Start 9:40 → Finish 11:00 (1 hour 20 min)

・Full Marathon: 13,500
・10km Road Race: 3,000

▼Qualified Runners
・Full Marathon (Competitive): Limited to persons age 18+ (as of the date of the event) and registered under JAAF.
・Full Marathon (General): Open to all healthy individuals, age 16+ (as of the date of the event), who are officially registered with a number card notification.
・High School Students 10km: Students who are approved by a registered Okinawa JAAF person (fiscal year 2015) or an executive committee member.
・Visually Impaired Participants: Must be accompanied by an escort at all times. Escorts will have explicit obligations.※Escorts cannot retire during the marathon. (In this case, both runner and escort runner must retire, or else insurance will no longer apply.)

▼Application Period
September 1, 2019 (SUN)-December 9, 2019 (MON)
※Applications will close once the capacity is met.

▼For more information in English, including link to online application form, please visit the Okinawa Marathon official website:

Okinawa Marathon Committee
TEL: 098-938-0088
FAX: 098-938-0111
URL: https://www.okinawa-marathon.com/eng/index.html