Koza Terurin Festival Community Center LIVE 2022 at Center Community Center

2022/6/26 Koza Terurin Festival Community Center LIVE at Center Community Center
Location Center Community Center, 2nd floor (2-6-53 Chuo, Okinawa City)
Date 2022.Jun.26(Sun) ~ 2022.Jun.26(Sun)
Open 18:00
Close 18:00
Fee Limited to 100 people
1,500 yen (General)
1,000 yen (Silver 60+, Center Autonomy members)

■Date and Time: June 26, 2022 (Sun) Opening 17:30 Opening 18:00
■Venue: Center Community Center, 2F (2-6-53 Chuo, Okinawa City)


・Toru Yonaha
・Yuki Tanabe
・MC:Kurtz(Rinken Band)

Rinsuke Teruya(1929-2005)
Leading figure in Okinawan pop culture Rinsuke Teruya, nicknamed "Terurin," was born in Osaka in 1929 as the eldest son of his father, Rinzan Teruya, a leading figure in Ryukyuan classical music. Rinsuke Teruya was actively involved in various entertainment activities while learning classical Ryukyuan music. Immediately after the war ended, he and Buten Onaha visited refugee camps, where their performances eased the people's pain and sadness and gave them hope. He gained popularity through appearances called "The Watabu Show" during which he entertained the audience with his sanshin and humorous monologues. He is the author of "Okinawa is Everything" (co-authored with Tetsuya Chikushi) and "Terurin's Autobiography".

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