Sukiyaki Okinawa 2022 @ Music Town Otoichiba

Sukiyaki Okinawa 2022 @ Music Town Otoichiba
Location Music Town Otoichiba (1-1-1 Uechi, Okinawa City)
Date 2022.Sep.03(Sat) ~ 2022.Sep.03(Sat)
Open 18:30
Advance: 3,500 yen
At the door: 4,000 yen
(all seats unreserved)

Koza Music FunC members: 2,500 yen (advance sale only; will close when the limit is reached)
Advance Okinawa Citizens Discount: 2,500 yen (advance sale only; for Okinawa City residents and workers; ID required at time of purchase; will close when the limit is reached)
Disability discount: 2,500 yen (ID required at time of purchase)
High school students and younger: 1,500 yen (student ID required)
※One drink order is required at the door.
※Admission applies to elementary school students and older; free for preschool children who do not need a seat (sit on knees)
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2,000 yen *Sold via Peatix.

One of Japan's leading world music festival to be held in Koza.
Artists from Morocco, France, Cyprus, Okinawa, and the U.S. will perform together!

"SUKIYAKI MEETS THE WORLD" is Japan's leading world music event that has been held for more than 30 years. As an expansion project of this festival held every August in Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture, "SUKIYAKI OKINAWA," which started in 2015, will be held at Music Town Otoichiba. This year, after the pandemic, the festival will be held in full spec for the first time in three years. "SUKIYAKI OKINAWA" will also feature international artists. Collaborations with Okinawan artists and workshops will also be held.

This year's event will feature BAB L'BLUZ who works to promote the traditional Moroccan music of Gnawa and its key stringed instrument, the gembri, around the world, and MONSIEUR DOUMANI, whose concept is to modernize the traditional music of Cyprus and revive it in the modern age. From their hometown of Koza, OKINAWA AMERICANA will perform, developing a new musical world by combining Okinawan folk music with American blues, rock, and soul. The colorful music rooted in each land will convey the breadth of the world, the diversity of cultures, and the joy of communicating through music.


■Date: September 3, 2022 (Saturday) Doors open 18:30, Concert begins 19:00
■Venue: Music Town Otoichiba (1-1-1 Uechi, Okinawa City)
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Performer: BAB L'BLUZ

[Morocco, France]
Formed in Marrakesh in 2018, Bab L'BLUZ is dedicated to spreading the traditional Moroccan music of Gnawa and its string instrument, the gembri, around the world.
Their debut album, "Nayda!", released in 2020, made a huge impact on the international music scene and swept the world music charts across the board. The sound of Gnawa music, which was originally only allowed to be performed by men, is fused with psychedelic rock, blues, and funk, led by female vocalist Yousra, to create a simple yet intense trance-like feeling that is truly the music of a new generation of Moroccan music!


The trio group from Nicosia, Cyprus, started their activities in 2012 with the concept of modernizing and reviving the traditional music of the region. The three members are Antonis Antoniou (Tzouras*/vocals/electronics), Demetris Yiasemides (trombone/flute), and Andys Skordis (guitar/backing vocals).
Their first album "Grippy Grappa" was released in 2013. The band plays in a Cypriot-Greek traditional style with an acoustic ensemble of guitar, flute, and trombone, with a focus on the unique sounds of Tzouras, while subtly incorporating elements of American blues and pop music, as well as British medieval music. The band's unique arrangements have attracted much attention.
In 2015, they released their second album, "Sikoses," in the same style as the first, but with more pop-rock-oriented compositions and arrangements, and a heavier sound and chorus work that has been highly acclaimed.
Their last album, "Angathin" (2018), strengthened the sophistication seen in their second album and won various awards. The band also participated in WOMEX (the World Music Expo) and other major world music festivals, gaining worldwide popularity.
*Tzouras: A Greek stringed instrument of Turkish and Balkan origin. It is a steel 6-stringed 3-course instrument. Similar to the bouzouki, but smaller.


The unit is a "champuru" (mix) of American blues, rock, and soul played by DAVID and Okinawan folk songs played by MERRY.
Since May 2015, they have been performing in Okinawa Prefecture and abroad, and also performs twice a year in Cambodia, Malaysia, the U.S., Thailand, and other countries.
In 2017, they released their 1st album "Okinawa Americana" and in 2021, their 2nd album "Turchi." In recent years, the group has been widely active in child support events, performing for hospital inpatients, participating in community events, and holding their own festivals.

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