A LIFE WITH JAZZ Teiko Saito meets David Matthews @ Plaza House RYCOM ANTHROPOLOGY

A LIFE WITH JAZZ Teiko Saito meets David Matthews @ Plaza House RYCOM ANTHROPOLOGY
Location Plaza House Shopping Center RYCOM ANTHROPOLOGY (3-1-12 Kubota, Okinawa City)
Date 2022.Oct.30(Sun) ~ 2022.Oct.30(Sun)
Open 15:00
Fee Advance ticket: ¥5,000, At-the-door ticket: ¥5,500   
■For ticket sales, reservations and inquiries:
TEL: 098-933-1142(11:00-19:00)
Email: rycom-a@plazahouse.co.jp

Teiko Saito, a jazz singer who will turn 87 this year who has been singing in Okinawa since the Ryukyu-American cultural era meets David Matthews, an 80-year-old pianist who has an impressive background in arranging music for James Brown to Paul Simon. The concert will celebrate the "86-year-old's Debut Album," release,  and will be an event where "Jazz connects an encounter from across the sea."

A LIFE WITH JAZZ Teiko Saito meets David Matthews

Teiko Saito (Taira)- Singer
David Matthews- Pianist
Seigo Matsunaga- Contrabassist and Producer
Marino Ikemura- Saxophone

■Date: Sunday, October 30, 2022
Two performances with complete changeover of the audience. *Limited to 50 people for each performance.
1st performance: Doors open 14:30, begins 15:00
2nd performance: Doors open 17:30, begins 18:00.

■Location: Plaza House RYCOM ANTHROPOLOGY
3F Plaza House Shopping Center, 3-1-12 Kubota, Okinawa City
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Teiko Saito (Taira), a jazz singer from Miyako Island during the period of U.S.-occupied Okinawa, and David Matthews, a pianist and arranger in Manhattan, New York City, have released many masterpieces to the world over the years. After recording at Ishigaki Island's Sukeakuro, Saito's first CD release was realized at the age of 86. To commemorate the occasion, a concert will be held at Plaza House RYCOM ANTHROPOLOGY, where photos of her in her youth are on display. Co-performers will be Seigo Matsunaga, a double bass player who performs music with people from all over the world at SHKIORI, a traditional style house, and Marino Ikemura, a saxophone player based in Miyako who is expanding his field of activities with his creative performances.

A LIFE WITH JAZZ   Teiko Saito meets David Matthews@プラザハウス ライカムアンソロポロジー

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