[2/18-2/19]B.LEAGUE U16 CHALLENGE CUP 2023 @ Okinawa Arena

[2/18-2/19]B.LEAGUE U16 CHALLENGE CUP 2023 @ Okinawa Arena
Location Okinawa Arena (1-16 Yamauchi, Okinawa City)
Date 2023.Feb.18(Sat) ~ 2023.Feb.19(Sun)

B.LEAGUE U16 CHALLENGE CUP 2023 will be held at Okinawa Arena on February 18 (Sat) and 19 (Sun), 2023!

This tournament has been held five times in the past as the B.LEAGUE U15 CHALLENGE CUP, but with a view to inviting overseas teams in the future, and to establish consistent coaching for U15 and U18 for each team, the entry age category has been raised from 15 to 16 (*1-1, 1-2).
In addition to the top four teams from the B.LEAGUE U15 CHAMPIONSHIP 2022, the Ryukyu Golden Kings and a B.LEAGUE nominated team (*2) from Okinawa, the host city of this year's tournament, will make up a total of six teams.

*1-1: Registered as a competitor in B.LEAGUE U15/U18 with Team JBA (excluding B.LEAGUE recommended teams)
1-2: Players whose birthday is on or after April 2, 2006.
2: To be announced on the special website to go public in early February.

About B.LEAGUE U16 CHALLENGE CUP 2023 Tournament

■Date: February 18 (Sat.) and February 19 (Sun.), 2023
■Place: Okinawa Arena (Address: 1-16 Yamauchi, Okinawa City)
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Group A
Yokohama B-Corsairs (B.LEAGUE U15 CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 4th)
Nagoya Diamond Dolphins (B.LEAGUE U15 CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 1st)
B.LEAGUE nominated teams (Okinawa Prefecture Representative Teams)

Group B
Fukushima Firebonds (B.LEAGUE U15 CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 3rd place)
Rising Zephyr Fukuoka (B.LEAGUE U15 CHAMPIONSHIP 2022, 2nd place)
Ryukyu Golden Kings (Hometown team)

【Tournament Format】 The teams will be divided into two groups (three teams per group) and play in a preliminary league. A tournament will be held to determine the ranking of the teams based on their positions in the preliminary league.

Feb. 18 (Sat) Schedule

1 10:00 Group A Nagoya D vs Yokohama BC
2 11:45 Group B Fukuoka vs Fukushima
3 13:30 Group A Yokohama BC vs B.LEAGUE nominated team
4 15:15 Group B Fukushima vs Ryukyu
5 17:00 Group A B.LEAGUE nominated team vs Nagoya D
6 18:45 Group B Ryukyu vs Fukuoka

Feb. 19 (Sun) Schedule

7 9:30 Semifinals Group A 1st place vs Group B 2nd place
8 11:15 Semifinals: Group A 2nd place vs Group B 1st place
9 13:00 Exchange match between the 3rd place of each group Group A 3rd place vs Group B 3rd place
10 14:45 Final match Winner of No. 7 vs Winner of No. 8

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Okinawa Arena
TEL: 050-5444-1478

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