[3/4-3/5]EASL Champions Week @Okinawa Arena

[3/4-3/5]EASL Champions Week @Okinawa Arena
Location Okinawa Arena (1-16 Yamauchi, Okinawa City)
Date 2023.Mar.04(Sat) ~ 2023.Mar.05(Sun)
Open 16:00
Fee For ticket details, please visit the official website.
EASL Champions Week Ticket Information

EASL Champions Week will be held at Okinawa Arena on March 4 and 5, 2023!

The East Asia Super League (EASL) has announced that the EASL Champions Week will be held in Japan from March 1-5, 2023. The eight teams in the league will compete for the first Champions Week championship and a first-place prize of US$250,000, a second-place prize of US$100,000, and a third-place prize of US$50,000.
A total of 10 matches will be held in Japan from March 1 to 5, 2023. Utsunomiya Brex will host the first six matches of the group stage. The Ryukyu Golden Kings will host two games in the group stage and the championship and third-place game on March 5 in Okinawa at the Okinawa Arena, which is also the venue for the 2023 FIBA World Cup.

The EASL will feature the previous season's winning and runner-up teams from B.LEAGUE (Japan), KBL (Korea), and PBA (Philippines). From China, the newly formed Bay Area Dragons and the winner of the P. League+ from Chinese Taipei will compete.

On March 4 and 5, the final days of the group stage, the final match and the match for third place will be held at the Okinawa Arena.

EASL Champions Week 2023

■Date: March 4 (Sat.) and March 5 (Sun.), 2023
■Place: Okinawa Arena (Address: 1-16 Yamauchi, Okinawa City)
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Anyang KGC (Korea)
Seoul SK Knights (Korea)
Fubon Braves (Taiwan)
Bay Area Dragons (Greater China)
TNT Tropangiga (Philippines)
San Miguel Viamen (Philippines)
Utsunomiya Brex (Japan)
Ryukyu Golden Kings (Japan)

March 4 (Sat) Schedule

1. 16:00 Group A Anyang KGC vs San Miguel Viamen
2. 19:00 Group A Fubon Braves vs Ryukyu Golden Kings

March 5 (Sunday) Schedule

1. 16:00 3rd place match: Group A 2nd place vs Group B 2nd place
2. 19:00 Final match: Group A 1st place vs Group B 1st place

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▼Directions to Okinawa Arena

・From Naha Airport: Take the expressway bus and get off at Okinawa Minami IC. Approximately a 7-minute walk to the arena.
・From Naha Bus Terminal: Get off at "Dai-go Gate" (Gate 5) bus stop, or "Okinawa-shi undo koen mae" bus stop. About a 5-minute walk from either bus stop to the arena.

▼Contact Us
Okinawa Arena
TEL : 050-5444-1478

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