[7/27] FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023【Trophy Tour】

[7/15-7/27] FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023【Trophy Tour】
Location Okinawa
Date 2023.Jul.27(Thu) ~ 2023.Jul.27(Thu)

■[7/15-7/27] Trophy Tour
The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Trophy Tour presented by J9 will take the winning trophy to every country that has qualified for the tournament.
The tour will travel to Japan from Saturday, July 15 to Thursday, July 27, visiting Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Okinawa.

・July 15, 2023 (Sat) - July 27, 2023 (Thu)

July 15 (Sat) Hokkaido (Event to be held)
July 17 (Mon) Miyagi (Event held)
July 18 (Tue) Niigata
July 19 (Wed) Toyama/Fukui
July 20 (Thu) Aichi
July 21 (Fri) Osaka
July 22 (Sat) Tokyo (Event held)
July 24 (Mon) Kagawa
July 25 (Tue) Hiroshima
July 26 (Wed) Fukuoka
July 27 (Thu) Okinawa (event held)

□Hokkaido: Departure Ceremony for Trophy Tour
 Speakers: Yuko Mitsuya, President of the Japan Basketball Association, Shinji Watanabe, Secretary General of the Association, Ryota Sakurai and Kohei Sekino of Levanga Hokkaido (tentative).

The events in Hokkaido and Miyagi Prefecture will be accompanied by an environmental conservation program called "Pick & Shoot!"
"Pick & Shoot!" is a competitive game of trash pickup based on the rules of basketball. Two teams compete to score points for each piece of trash they pick up, with two points awarded for general trash and three points for recyclable trash. This program is a fun way to learn about the separation of recyclable trash while enjoying the game elements of basketball.

Okinawa Prefecture Event Outline

■Date and Time
・Thursday, July 27, 2023 13:00-18:00
■Location:AEON Mall Okinawa Rycom
check the GoogleMap外部リンク別ウィンドウで開きます
■Contents:Shooting Challenge, FIBA Basketball World Cup-spec ring toss, shooting machine, etc.

Trophy Tour Schedule

5/1 China
5/6 Lebanon
5/9 New Zealand
5/13 Iran
5/15 Cote d'Ivoire
5/18 Cape Verde
5/20 Egypt
5/22 Angola
5/25 Brazil
5/28 South Sudan
6/2 Lithuania
6/6 Montenegro
6/9 Serbia
6/11 Finland
6/12 Italy
6/15 Jordan
6/17 Germany
6/20 France
6/23 Georgia
6/26 Slovenia
6/28 Latvia
7/1 Puerto Rico
7/4 Venezuela
7/7 Mexico
7/10 U.S.A.
7/12 Canada
7/15 - 7/27 Japan (host country)
7/28 Indonesia (host country)
8/9 Greece
8/10 Spain
8/14 Australia
8/15 Philippines (host country)

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