[11/2-12/5] "Kobo Kiraku" (Studio Kiraku) @ Koza Crafts Shop Fundou

[11/2-12/5] "Kobo Kiraku" (Studio Kiraku) @ Koza Crafts Shop Fundou
Location Koza Crafts Shop Fundou (1-11-2 Chuo, Okinawa City)
Date 2023.Nov.02(Thu) ~ 2023.Dec.05(Tue)
Open 11:00
Close 19:00

Kobo Kiraku creates expressive anthropomorphic works that are nostalgic and full of humor.
The artists wide range of works include "Tanoshiisaa" and "Ureshiisaa," adorable little Jizo statues, and solemn and beautiful Buddhist statues.
Each of these unique characters has its own personality! They are well worth seeing!



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Koza Crafts Shop Fundou
TEL: 098-934-2213
Open 11:00-19:00, closed on Mondays