Koza Sports Park

A large sports facility with an athletics field, martial arts dojo, baseball park, and more!

Koza Sports Park includes the Koza Shinkin baseball stadium, the Okinawa City Gymnasium, athletics field, and other facilities used by professional sports teams.
With an athletics stadium able to hold a capacity of about 16,000 spectators, the park is used as a venue to hold large-crowd events, such as the Orion Beer Festival (sponsored by Orion Beer) and the All-Island Eisa Festival.

Koza Sports Park aims to promote the health and physical fitness of Okinawa citizens and cultivate the spirit of sports. It also aims to promote sports and recreation, and contribute to the development of physical education and culture in Okinawa City, as well as contribute to the sound development of Okinawa's youth. They have been planting hibiscus in the park since the fiscal year 2009, and plan to plant 10,000 in the future. By taking part in such activities, they hope to transform the park into a beautiful and harmonious lush oasis for citizens of Okinawa.

If you are in need of some exercise, come see what Koza Sports Park has to offer you!

Plan to take the bus? Get off at Sonda Bus Stop. The park is only a 10-minute walk. If you plan to ride the community bus, get off in front of the park.

Official Website: http://kozaspo.jp/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/okinawashitaiikukyoukai.npohoujin

Okinawa City Sports Association
2-1-1 Moromizato, Okinawa-shi
Okinawa-ken, Japan 904-0032
Address 904-0032
2-1-1 Moromizato, Okinawa-shi
Contact Phone:098-932-3900
Parking Available
Website http://kozaspo.jp/instimapcatmn.html

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