Hana-nu-Shima |Area: Miyazato

The holy ground of Koza's Okinawan folk song bars!

Hana-nu-Shima is an Okinawan folk song bar run by Koichi Kamiya―a major figure in the world of Okinawa minyo―and the talented folk singer Kazumi Tamashiro, who is also known for accompanying renowned musician Ryuichi Sakamoto on his world tour.
With over 1,000 folk song repertoires up his sleeve, Mr. Kamiya goes on with his performances, usually speaking the Okinawan language and fulfilling requests of customers. The must-see performances are recommended to locals and tourists alike.
Mr. Kamiya is also the chairman of the "Ryukyu Kingdom Minyo Association" with many disciples under him.
Address 904-2165
1-15-11 Miyazato, Okinawa-shi
Contact Phone:098-938-2959
Parking Not available
Check nearby parking lots
Business hours Weekdays: 22:00-3:00
SAT: 21:00-4:00
Closed: MON & THR

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