Run by Nonchan, a member of Okinawa’s Tururunten music group!

Located on the second floor of the grey concrete building is Hanamichi, a small minyo (traditional Okinawan folk-song) bar that opened in 2012.
Run by Nonchan, a member of Tururunten, a comical music group from Okinawa, you can enjoy delicious awamori and traditional Okinawan folk-music here at Hanamichi.
Despite being one of the most famous groups in the traditional Okinawan folk-music scene, Nonchan is very personable and has customers who come on a daily basis just to see her.
If you are new to the world of traditional Okinawan folk-songs, Hanamichi is a good place to start.
Have fun getting tipsy on awamori, and dancing to the Okinawan tunes!
System: Awamori bottle starting from 5,000 yen.
Address 1-14-9 Goya, Okinawa City
Parking Not available
Check nearby parking lots
Business hours 20:00-25:00
Closed: THR

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