【Okinawa Zoo & Museum】Satoyama Labyrinth Area

Take the maze of pathways to meet the foxes, raccoons, and squirrels from the storybooks!
Satoyama Labyrinth is a new area that opened in Okinawa Zoo & Museum on April 29, 2023.

"Satoyama Labyrinth" area in the park of Okinawa Zoo & Museum, where visitors can meet animals that all Japanese know, such as "foxes," "raccoons," and "bears" that appear in old tales and picture books.
The area is designed to look like a Japanese satoyama, with maze-like paths leading from the mountains where the animals live to the satoyama, where people and animals coexist.
The animal exhibit in the area has various tricks, and the animals show a variety of behaviors, such as moving freely through the animal paths and climbing tall trees.


【Animal Plaza: See, Touch, and Learn about animals】

This is the place to learn the proper way to interact with animals and the joy of observing them. At the Animal Plaza, visitors can learn how to understand animals through their five senses in the hands-on program "Let's See, Touch and Learn! The Animal Classroom is a hands-on program that teaches visitors how to understand animals through their five senses. What do they feed? How do they eat? How many toes does it have? Why do they look like this?" If you feel even one of these wonders, observing animals will become even more fun.
Children and adults are also welcome to participate.

The concept of "animal welfare" is to help animals live healthy and happy lives.
For this reason, the animals that appear in the daily hands-on programs at the Animal Plaza are rotated, and the number of times the program is held and the number of participants is limited. At the zoo, you can learn a lot about the joys of animals and nature.
Okinawa Zoo & Museum would like to think about and take care of "animal welfare" together with all visitors to the zoo, so that the animals that share these joys with us can be healthy and happy.

Address 904-0021
5-7-1 Goya, Okinawa City (Okinawa Zoo & Museum Satoyama Labyrinth Area)
Contact Phone:098-933-4190
Parking Available
Business hours Summer season (April-September) 9:30-18:00 *Admission until 17:00
Winter season (October-March) 9:30-17:30 *Admission until 16:30
Closed: Tuesday

*Opening hours may change during special events.
*When Tuesday is a holiday, we are open regular hours and closed the following Wednesday.
*Open on Tuesdays during Golden Week, spring, summer, and winter vacations.
Reference price *The feeding experience in the Satoyama Labyrinth area requires the experience fee and the entrance fee to Okinawa Zoo & Museum.
Website https://www.okzm.jp/

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