Hana Mitsu Cafe

Select sundries (apparel sundries), honey, and take-out drinks♪

Relocated and opened in Tobaru, Okinawa City in July 2020 from Plaza House ♪

The shop sells Manuka honey & organic honey, which are currently the talk of the town, as well as natural and other unique clothing, antique style goods, and picture books that warm the heart.

*It is recommended to inquire before visiting the store, as honey is limited in stock.

※Please visit the shop's Instagram to learn more about their products.

hana mitsu cafe Instagram

Address 904-2164
291-7 Tobaru, Okinawa City
Contact Phone:098-989-3287
Parking Available
5 cars
Check nearby parking lots
Business hours Open/Mon-Sat 11:00-17:00
Website https://hanato328cafe.ti-da.net/

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