Deigo Hotel |Area: Chuo

A functional-yet casual hotel.

Over 50 years in business, Deigo Hotel is ocated parallel to Park Avenue in Okinawa City. This long-standing hotel (which opened in 1966 as a small hotel with 18 single rooms) goes by the motto “Highly functional, yet casual.” Having increased the number and types of rooms available, and enhancing their amenities since they opened, Deigo Hotel makes every effort to see things through the eyes of their guests and continues to evolve.
Deigo Hotel is what you would call a “high-quality B-grade hotel,” a concept that allows guests to feel at home. Their popularity can be credited to this unique approach, and with local cuisine upgraded to hotel-quality, you’ll find it easy to relax in Deigo Hotel’s atmosphere.
Their 24-hour public bath is also popular among local customers.

[Price Reference]
Single: ¥5,800
DX Single: ¥6,020
Double: ¥7,800
Twin: ¥10,100
Triple (3 guests): ¥14,100
Quad (4 guests): ¥17,400
Quint (5 guests): ¥20,000
Family Discount (Room for 3 guests or Japanese-style room): 3 guests ¥11,700; 4 guests ¥13,200; 5 guests ¥15,000

(Tax included)
Location 904-0004
3-4-2 Chuo, Okinawa-shi
Contact Phone:098-937-1212
Check nearby parking lots Available aaa
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Capacity 54 rooms
Official Web Site

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