Time Rich |Area: Goya

Making hygiene a priority with activated carbon immersed in their floors!

Just a three-minute walk from the Goya Music Town intersection, Time Rich is a hotel where you can enjoy relaxing in a spacious room.
A "free area" is available to take a break or hold meetings in. The area includes a kitchen with an electric stove and microwave, allowing you to enjoy your stay without disrupting your normal routine.
In addition, Time Rich has activated carbon immersed into their floors, and pays special hygienic attention using the Amisty System’s sanitary liquid (which fights flu and noro viruses, as well as unpleasant cigarette smoke and toilet smells) to thoroughly clean all their rooms.
With door locks that can only be opened with a PIN, and security cameras placed in various locations inside, guests can rest assured knowing that the hotel’s security system is maintained around the clock.
Wi-Fi in all rooms, and weekly to monthly-stay options are available making Time Rich the perfect choice for business trips or any type of travel.

1 Guest (1 Room)
1 Night ¥4,800; 1 Week ¥31,500; 1 Month ¥93,000

2 Guests (1 Room)
1 Night ¥7,500 (Double), ¥7,950 (Twin); 1 Week ¥45,000; 1 Month ¥153,000

3 Guests (1 Room)
1 Night ¥10,500; Please contact the hotel for 1 week or 1 month stays.
Location 904-0021
1-8-9 Goya, Okinawa-shi
Contact Phone:098-937-1192
Check nearby parking lots Available
8 spaces aaa
Check nearby parking lots
Capacity 15 rooms
Official Web Site http://time-rich.jp/

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