Crown Hotel |Area: Uechi

English-speaking staff available.

Crown Hotel is a popular choice among international guests, so much so that they have hired full-time English-speaking staff to better serve their guests. Even foreigners (who are generally bigger than local Okinawans) feel a sense of satisfaction with the size of the rooms. With high ceilings and double beds in even single rooms, the level of comfort is popular with Japanese guests. Many often become repeat-guests.
All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi making it possible to use the internet as soon as you arrive.
The hotel restaurant is loved by local customers and serves Japanese, western and Okinawan cuisine. Their steak and Okinawan cuisine are the most popular choice among guests.

[Price Reference]
Single: ¥6,200 per guest
Double: ¥5,050 per guest
Twin: ¥5,400 per guest
Triple: ¥4,350 per guest

(Tax included)
Location 904-0031
4-1-51 Uechi, Okinawa-shi
Contact Phone:098-933-2551
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