Yoshida Hotel |Area: Sonda/Sonoda

Okinawa City’s first and oldest hotel full of history.

Yoshida Hotel was the first hotel to open in Okinawa City to cater to U.S. military personnel. Contrary to the melancholic hotel entrance in the alleyway, the rooms are spacious with lots of natural light pouring in. The nice breeze flowing through the room allows you to rest comfortably, and you can get a good view and sense of the surrounding local life from your window. The owner is a woman whose friendly personality and laundry services has quite a reputation.

[Price Reference]
Semi-double/ double:
1 guest ¥4,500 per guest
2 guests ¥2,500 per guest

1 guest ¥4,600 per guest
2 guests ¥3,450 per guest

3 guests ¥2,400 per guest

*Consecutive-stay plans available
(Tax included)
Location 904-0022
3-4-23 Sonoda, Okinawa-shi
Contact Phone:098-933-3635
Check nearby parking lots Available aaa
Check nearby parking lots
Capacity 19 rooms

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