Southeast Botanical Gardens

A botanical garden where you can encoutner rare, beautiful, subtropical plants.

Southeast Botanical Gardens was renewed in 2013.
You will find many subtropical plants that can only be seen here in Japan.

Southeast Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden resort where you can enjoy over 1,300 kinds of rare tropical plants all year round.
Please enjoy the beautiful botanical world to your heart's content, including the largest row of Alexandra palm trees in Japan and a herb garden.

【Enjoy the whole day in two garden areas and petting zoo areas!】
Southeast Botanical Gardens includes with two main areas: the picturesque "Water Garden" and the "Botanical Garden" where visitors can relax in deep greenery. The Water Garden features the world's longest-lived tree, the rhododendron and baobab, while the Botanical Garden has an herb garden where about 80 varieties of herbs can be observed at any given time, as well as the the largest row of Alexandra palm trees in Japan. There is also an area with adorable capybaras and common squirrel monkeys, making the garden the perfect spot for a relaxing day out.
In addition, there are walking tours with a guide, cart tours, and various hands-on activities such as herbarium making and tsuribori (fishing) for a separate fee.

【Restaurant PEACE】
At Restaurant PEACE, you can enjoy French and Chinese buffets featuring fresh vegetables purchased from local farmers, and home-grown herbs from the garden. Enjoy your meal while gazing out the large glass windows at the tropical landscape of palm trees.

【A full lineup of seasonal events! 】
・First in Okinawa! Recognized as [A Night View Heritage of Japan] in 2019.
Late November to early April: "Hikari no sanpomichi" light-up event

・Enjoy spring at the gardens with Japan's largest bougainvillea tower! 
Late February to early April: Okinawa Bougainvillea Fair

・Lots of activities for parents and children to enjoy during Japan's Golden Week!
Golden Week: Southeast Botanical Garden GW Event

・Lotus flowers are at their best in early summer!
Mid-June to late August: Lotus and Water Lily Festival 

・The insect exhibit is very popular during summer vacation! Don't miss all the special activities!
Mid-July to the end of August: Southeast Botanical Garden Summer Vacation Event 

Adults: ¥1,540
High school students: ¥1,045
Elementary and junior high school students: ¥550
Children under age 6: free

(August 2022)

Address 904-2143
2146 Chibana, Okinawa City
Contact Phone:098-939-2555
Parking Available
340 spaces
Check nearby parking lots
Business hours 9:30-22:00 (last admission 21:30)

*Opening hours may vary with each event.
*Opening hours are subject to change without notice.
Reference price Adults: ¥1,540
High school students: ¥1,045
Elementary and junior high school students: ¥550
Children under age 6: free

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