Wonder Museum

A hands-on museum for children located inside Okinawa Zoo & Museum. There are many playground equipment to stimulate wisdom and sensitivity!

Wonder Museum (in Okinawa Zoo & Museum park) is the first and only facility in Okinawa made for children where they can discover wonders and surprises by themselves.

From the first floor to the basement, there are 34 permanent exhibits, making it a facility where visitors can enjoy learning and playing all day long, even on rainy days.

・1F Kizuki-no-Mor (forest of discovery)i: Wonder Vision, fun microphone, motion capture, etc.
・B1F Ball Circus: air chute, ball climber, etc.
・B1F Nigiwai Hiroba (flourishing plaza)- Special Exhibition Space: hidden picture windows, gear puzzles, etc.
・B1F Atelier of Light- Special Exhibition Space: color tricks, strobe machine, etc.
・B2F Sozo Kobo (imagination lab): Do-re-mi staircase, cloud ring, air vortex, canvas of light, etc.

Based on the concept that "understanding and creation begin with surprise," Wonder Museum is a facility filled with "excitement," "thrill," and "wonder."
The "Ball Climber," which uses two ropes to reach a goal, seems simple enough to balance a ball on the rope and move it, but when you actually try it, it is difficult, and children seemed to do better than the adults.
The "Gear Puzzle," a creative activity that allows children to learn about the movement of gears and the flow of force, allows them to place gears freely and combine them in any number of ways to create their own puzzle.
Children grow by touching, feeling, and noticing things on their own. The exhibition includes programs to enhance independence and imagination.
Although booths using the latest technology are conspicuous, many of the actual experiences are simple, analog, and intuitively created to be felt with the body.
We invite everyone from young children to the elderly to come and experience the fun for the whole family.
In addition, exhibitions, events, and special workshops are held monthly. Please visit Okinawa Zoo & Museum website for more details.

Address 904-0021
5-7-1 Goya, Okinawa City (Wonder Museum / Okinawa Zoo & Museum Park Zone)
Contact Phone:098-933-4190
Parking Available
Business hours Summer season (April-September) 9:30-18:00 *Admission until 17:00
Winter season (October-March) 9:30-17:30 *Admission until 16:30
Closed: Tuesday

*Opening hours may change during special events.
*When Tuesday is a holiday, we are open regular hours and closed the following Wednesday.
*Open on Tuesdays during Golden Week, spring, summer, and winter vacations.
Reference price *To enter the Wonder Museum, you will need to pay the entrance fees for both Okinawa Zoo & Museum and the Wonder Museum.

◎Admission Fee
Adults 200 yen, 4 years old to high school students 100 yen, free for children up to 3 years old.
Website https://www.okzm.jp/

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