Did you know that there are many delicious donut shops in Okinawa City?

Moist and chewy donuts, crunchy donuts, baked donuts, healthy donuts. Each store has its own specialty.
Are you looking for the best donuts in town? Whether it's for a gift or a snack, here are 4 most popular donut shops in Okinawa City!

Tofu Shop's Healthy Donuts
Miyazato Tofu & Baked Donut Shop 《Takahara, Okinawa City》

Crunchy♪ Handmade Donuts at the Cafe Theater
Theater Donut Okinawa《Chuo, Okinawa City》

Authentic saataa-andagii! Popular Okinawan fried doughnuts!
Kaboten Nakasone《Goya, Okinawa City》

Moist Hawaiian Malasadas
Cafe34 《Minamitobaru, Okinawa City》


  1. Miyazato Tofu & Baked Donut Shop
    《Takahara, Okinawa City》

    Baked donuts from a tofu shop that is particular about using local ingredients.

    Miyazato Tofu Donut Shop Takahara Main Store《Takahara, Okinawa City》

    Miyazato Tofu & Baked Donut Shop's donuts are naturally flavored and made with the finest ingredients possible, including soy milk from Kyushu soybeans, okara (soy pulp), whole wheat flour, and eggs.
    No preservatives or additives are used. Since they are not fried in oil, they are very healthy and lower in calories. They are also particular in the butter, sugar, and baking powder used in their donuts.
    They don't cut corners with their superb donuts. Seasonal menu items are also available.

    Coconut 160 yen / Black sesame 160 yen
    Walnut and brown sugar 170 yen / Plain 140 yen
    Address: 4-11-3 Takahara, Okinawa City
    Business hours: 10:30-18:30
    Closed: Sunday and every third Monday
    Parking: Available (5 spaces)
  2. Theater Donut Okinawa
    《Chuo, Okinawa City》

    Handmade donuts at a cafe-theater owned by Shinichi Miyajima, Koza's local celebrity.

    Theater Donuts Okinawa《Okinawa City Chuo》

    Theater Donut Okinawa is the first cafe-theater in the prefecture. Its theater rooms are equipped with 120-inch screens and 20 seats.
    Owner Miyajima, a movie buff, carefully selects movies for you to enjoy, along with donuts that are individually handmade in the store every day.
    There are nine varieties in total, including classic almond, sunny lemon, cinnamon punch, black tea sugar glazed, and matcha sugar.
    The handmade donuts, with their crunchy texture, can be enjoyed in the cafe or purchased to-go.
    Check the official website for current screenings. in new window

    Address: 1-3-17-2F, Chuo, Okinawa City
    Business hours: 10:30-21:00
    Closed: Open all year round
    Parking: No parking (discounts for designated pay-parking lots available)
  3. Kaboten Nakasone
    《Goya, Okinawa City》

    Authentic saataa-andagii! Okinawan fried donuts!

    Kaboten Nakasone《Goya, Okinawa City》

    "Saataa-andagii" is an Okinawan deep-fried pastry, a spherical deep-fried donut that, as the name in the local language implies, uses sugar-based dough. Based on the belief that "saataa-andagii is a fresh pastry," they sell only what they make on the same day. The pumpkin they use in their saataa-andagii are carefully selected from a wide variety of suppliers, and no preservatives or additives are used. The store is proud of their andagii's natural flavor, which is the result of following a recipe handed down directly from the owner's grandmother. Kaboten Nakasone's saataa-andagii's are recommended for souvenirs and gifts.

    Address: 6-7-6 Goya, Okinawa City
    Business hours: 7:00-15:30 (close when sold out)
    Closed: Sunday
    Parking: 3 spaces
  4. Cafe34
    《Minamitobaru, Okinawa City》

    Cafe34's moist and chewy Hawaiian malasadas are a local favorite.


    Cafe34's Hawaiian malasadas are their signature item on the menu with six varieties to choose from.
    Hawaiian malasadas are a popular pastry with a crisp outside and surprisingly fluffy texture inside. One bite of Cafe34's malasada is sure to leave a lasting impression, especially when combined with the savory taste of wheat.
    We recommend that you call and make an order in advance, as they insist on serving their handmade malasadas freshly made.

    Address: 1-8-2 Minamitobaru, Okinawa City
    Business hours: 11:00-19:00
    Closed: Sunday
    Parking: Not available

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