Three Okinawa B-Grade Gourmet "A Lunch" Recommendations

Okinawa City Koza "A Lunch" Map introduces three restaurants selected from 42 restaurants!

"A Lunch" originated in Koza (Okinawa City) in the postwar period when it was served at the "New York Restaurant" which opened in Okinawa City in 1956 by a chef returning from New York. The "A Lunch," "B Lunch," and "C Lunch" on a typical Okinawan restaurant menu is a unique ranking style in Okinawa with a food culture that embodies the affluence of the postwar period, but the "A Lunch" in particular is a gut-busting meal! It is recommended for those who love big portions and big hearty meals!

沖縄市コザマップ - Aランチ編 -
  1. Highway Drive-In (THE A Lunch)

    Full house! Long-established popular diner loved by locals.

    Highway Drive-In Special Lunch 750 yen
    A popular diner that opened just before Okinawa's reversion to the mainland. It is loved by people of all ages, from students to the elderly, and customers visit all day long. The restaurant serves not only the standard yellow curry, A, B, and C lunches, but also a special lunch that goes above and beyond the A lunch and includes pork cutlets, hamburgers, spaghetti, and more.
    Enjoy a classic lunch at their new location in Noborikawa, which opened in July 2015.

    Address: 701 Noborikawa, Okinawa City
    Closed: Wednesdays, Obon and New Year's holidays
  2. Kaizoku Kobo Okinawa Zoo Facility (THE A Lunch)

    Complete standard A-lunch is offered!

    海族工房 沖縄こども国施設内(THE・Aランチ)
    A Lunch at Kai-zoku Kobo: 1,180 yen

    Located on the first floor of the Okinawa Zoo Children's Center, the restaurant "Umizoku Kobo" is on a hill overlooking the zoo next to the main gate, so you can enjoy a panoramic view of the park during the day and night.
    The owner is one of the founders of the "Koza A Lunch Championship." Koza Kobo's A Lunch offers a lineup and portion that does not disappoint. You can enjoy A Lunch here that everyone can agree on.

    Address: 5-7-1 Goya, Okinawa City
    Business hours:11:00〜22:00
  3. Restaurant Kuni (Late Night A Lunch)

    A long-established restaurant that will surely satisfy you with its portion and taste.

    Restaurant Kuni's Kuni Lunch 1,600 yen
    The restaurant offers fine steaks, lobster, authentic tacos, and other dishes. While there are many specialty foods, the "Kuni Lunch," for which the restaurant is named, is one that should not be missed. You will definitely be satisfied with both the portion and taste.
    Koza's typical portions and the same old delicate seasoning are well-received, and can be enjoyed while relaxing without worrying about the time. The warm, motherly hospitality is also well-received, making the restaurant a relaxing place even late at night.

    Address: 4-1-7 Awase, Okinawa City
    Business Hours:9:00〜5:45(L.O 5:00)
    Open everyday

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