Okinawa Marathon Course Recommended Restaurants

The Okinawa Marathon is the biggest sports entertainment event in Okinawa City.
The course covers a wide area in central Okinawa, including not only Okinawa City but also neighboring cities, towns, and villages. In this special feature, we will introduce some of Okinawa City's popular restaurants along the course!

  1. Steak House Big Heart Awase Branch

    Synonymous to what authentic steak is for the common man and for the whole family!

    ステーキハウス ビッグハートステーキハウス ビッグハート
    Steak House Big Heart Awase is located on Awase Bay Street, where many restaurants line the street. Since its opening in 1982, the restaurant has been popular among locals and tourists alike for its authentic steaks at reasonable prices.
      The restaurant with an at-home atmosphere, which also has a tatami room, quickly fills up during lunch and dinner.

    Steak is the main item on the menu, but the restaurant also offers kids meals and A-lunch series (which is unique to Okinawa), and appeals to a wide range of customers, including couples and families, which is another reason for its popularity. We recommend the special steak (medium) 150g (1,558 yen), which features skirt steak which is iron-rich and low in fat.
    It goes great with Big Heart's original garlic sauce, and we recommend comparing its deliciousness with the standard Okinawan A1 sauce. This is the perfect place for those who want to get satisfaction from meat.

    Address: 2-2-15 Awase, Okinawa City
    Open: 11:00-22:00
    Closed: Open year-round
  2. Toridashi Koubou Garyu-ya

    You will definitely become addicted to it! Enjoy their special thick tsukemen noodles!

    鶏だし工房 Garyu-ya鶏だし工房 Garyu-ya

    Entering Kaigan Street (along the seawall) from Awase Bay Street, you will see a silver building that looks like a converted container on your left. This is "Toridashi Koubou Garyu-ya." The large kanji character on the exterior of the restaurant is their landmark.
    The clean, café-like restaurant has Jazz music playing in the background, creating a stylish, relaxed atmosphere.
    Ordering is a fun and easy process, as you pick out a menu tag from the pre-prepared menu on the table and hand it to the staff.

    The signature dish, tsukemen (780 yen), is made with medium-thick straight noodles and a thick chicken/seafood broth that is addictive. In addition, there is a warm device with a burning stone in the bottom of the bowl to keep the soup cold for the ideal amount of time. In addition, the soup comes with an extra sauce that varies in flavor from day to day, so you can fully savor the tsukemen with a special flavor. If you call yourself a ramen lover, this is a great restaurant to keep in mind.

    Address: 3-12-26, Awase, Okinawa City
    open: 11:30〜23:30
    Closed: Thursdays
  3. Okinawa Grand Mer Resort 10F Sheesah Lounge

    The best in taste and portion! Big burgers at a resort hotel.

    Tokyo Daiichi Hotel Okinawa Grand Mer Resort is a large city resort hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the eastern hills of Okinawa City. The dining lounge on the 10th floor is the "Sheesah Lounge."
    The luxurious and relaxed atmosphere changes with the scenery as it transitions from evening to night. The lounge has been open for about 10 years and is loved not only by guests but also by local residents.
    There is a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and cocktails, and you can also enjoy a selection of 30 different kinds of beer from around the world.

    The American bar-style food is another feature, and the "Three Sandwich Mega Burger" (2,500 yen), which weighs approximately 1 kg and allows you to taste three kinds of meat at once: beef, pork, and chicken, is especially recommended. It is the perfect portion to enjoy with friends and family.
    Other menu items include T-bone steak and pizza. Whether you are alone or with a party, you can enjoy this lounge regardless of the occasion.

    Address: 2-8-1 Yogi, Okinawa City
    Open: 17:00〜24:30
    Closed: Open year-round
  4. Okinawan Brown Sugar Curry Restaurant Ajitoya

    A happy encounter between brown sugar and curry.

    沖縄黒糖カレーの店 あじとや沖縄黒糖カレーの店 あじとや
    Ajitoya is a stylish restaurant with a colorful oriental atmosphere and a chef's hat.  The owner, a native of Hokkaido, wanted to spread the Sapporo specialty of soup curry, which is why he opened Ajitoya.

      For example, the "Keema Curry" (880 yen) blends the sweetness of onions with the richness of tomatoes and the unique sweetness of brown sugar to maximize juiciness. The restaurant's original spice mixes are also now on sale, and the restaurant is well known among curry connoisseurs in the prefecture.

    Address: 5-24-6 Awase, Okinawa City
    Open: 11:00〜15:00、18:00〜21:00
    Closed: irregular
  5. Foods, Creations, and Snacks: Hinoe

    Enjoy authentic European cuisine.

    Opened in 2002, Hinoe is a pioneer of creative izakaya in a residential area. Their interior is reminiscent of an Italian bar, with its hammered walls and brick arrangements, and is crowded with customers including couples and families.
    In addition, a total of 80 seats, which include counters and private rooms to provide space for banquets, make lavish use of the large space.

    Food is mainly Western cuisine, and dishes such as fresh pasta with red shrimp (880 yen) are highly recommended, as they are vibrant and a feast to the eyes. In addition, the restaurant offers a limited selection of Japanese sake and other beverages. Hinoe is very popular, so reservations are recommended.

    Address: 4-29-12 Minamitobaru, Okinawa City
    Open: Sunday〜Saturday 18:00〜2:00
    Closed: Open year-round
  6. Cafe34

    Cafe34 (さんじゅうよん)Cafe34 (さんじゅうよん)
    The store, which has made good use of a former takeout store, is decorated with Hawaiian-inspired pictures and a red counter bar with a view of the open kitchen.

    The "malasada," one of the six signature items on the menu, is a local Hawaiian sweet with a crispy outside and an impressive fluffy texture on the inside. One bite of the malasada is sure to leave a lasting impression, especially when combined with the savory taste of wheat.
    Their malasada are now available for 150 yen per piece, or 850 yen for 6 pieces, so you can enjoy all kinds in an assortment for a great price. Calling ahead to make reservations is highly recommended, as they are committed to careful handmade and freshly prepared products.

    Address: 1-8-2 Minamitobaru, Okinawa City
    Open: 11:00〜19:00
    Closed: Sunday
  7. Beer Restaurant Kenny's

    Authentic Italian food in a casual setting.

    Kenny's is located on the third floor in Plaza House Shopping Center, a shopping mall with an nostalgic American atmosphere, along Route 330. With terrace seating inside the shopping center, you cannot be bothered even in the rain, and the large glass-walled storefront gives the restaurant an open and spacious impression. The American-style restaurant also has a sushi counter and offers a wide range of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes.
      Among the menu items, the 2-pound steak on an iron plate (3,500 yen) is the most impressive.

    It is so huge (2 pounds = 900g) that the meat sticks out of the plate. Kenny's also offers a wide variety of imported beers they recommended.
    The restaurant can accommodate parties of up to 100 people and offers a variety of party plans.
    Please enjoy the high quality food and open space with your loved ones and friends.

    Address: Plaza House Fair Mall 3F, 3-341 Kubota, Okinawa City, Okinawa
    Open: 11:00〜24:00
    Closed: Open year-round

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