Meat Day Special

Preserved edition! Here are some restaurants in Okinawa City where you can enjoy delicious meat dishes perfect for "Meat Day".
Every month on the 29th (Niku) and February 9th is "Meat Day" - eat delicious meat and be happy. Let's increase your stamina by eating yakiniku, steak, and other meat with gusto!

  1. Charcoal BBQ Jubei (Mihara, Okinawa City)

    The sound of the juicy charcoal grill and the aroma of the savory meat stimulates the eating center and induces appetite!

    炭火焼肉 十兵衛(沖縄市美原)
    The restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes that are hard to find in Okinawa Prefecture, such as gejang (salted raw crab), raw oyster kimchi, samgye-tang (Korean court cuisine), and original dishes. The juicy sound of charcoal-grilled meat and the savory aroma of meat stimulate and induce the appetite!

    Address: 3-21-3 Mihara, Okinawa City
    Business hours: Lunch 11:30am-(next day)2:00am
    (L.O. 1:00 the next day)
    Closed: Open year round
    Parking: Available for 16 cars
  2. D-style Nakata (Central Okinawa City)

    Wild, stylish, sophisticated dining.

    D-style なかた(沖縄市中央

    Sophisticated dining located on the opposite end of Sun City shopping arcade from the main street entrance. From the kitchen located almost in the center of the restaurant, you can enjoy a wide range of menu items from Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients to meat dishes.

    Address: 1-13-6 Chuo, Okinawa City
    Business hours: Sunday - Wednesday: 18:00 - 24:00  
    Friday and Saturday : 18:00 - 1:00 (L.O. 1:00)
    Closed: Thursday
    Parking: Not available
  3. Meat Shokudo Takeishi (Misato, Okinawa City)

    Diner with carefully selected branded beef and alcoholic beverages.

    ミート食堂 タケイシ(沖縄市美里)
    Located in Misato, Okinawa City, near Misato High School of Technology, Meat Shokudo Takeishi is a diner that uses only A5-ranked brand beef, including Sendai beef, Matsuzaka beef, and Furano Wagyu beef. The restaurant is also particular about the sake and shochu that go well with its brand beef, serving sake and shochu carefully selected from all over Japan.

    Residence: 5-2-15 Misato, Okinawa City
    Business hours: ①12:00-15:00 (L.O. 14:30)  ②17:30-24:00(L.O. 23:00)
    Closed: irregular
    Parking: available
  4. Kannichikan (Awase, Okinawa City)

    Recreating the authentic taste of Korean omoni (mother) with a history of over 38 years in business! Korean cuisine specialty restaurant.

    This Korean restaurant in Awase, Okinawa City, reproduces authentic Korean omoni (mother) cooking. The popular all-you-can-eat menu offers thick slices of tender and juicy meat. The all-you-can-eat homemade kimchi, japchae, and bibimbap are also very popular.

    Address: 1-40-13 Awase, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture
    Business hours: Lunch time 11:30-15:00
    Dinnertime 15:00-23:00
    Last order 22:00
    Closed: New Year's Day
    Parking: available
  5. Sam's by the Sea (Awase, Okinawa City)

    Like an American harbor restaurant with luxurious meals in an exotic setting.

    The location with a night view across the river and the exotic atmosphere make you forget you are in Japan. Charcoal-grilled steaks, fresh seafood and crustaceans are all served in generous portions.

    Address: 1-41-15 Awase, Okinawa City
    Business Hours: 17:00-0:00
    Closed: Open year round
    Parking: available for 80 cars
  6. Niku no Saburo (Ikehara, Okinawa City)

    The marbling level of their home-raised Wagyu beef is excellent and irresistible! Reasonably priced too!

    A yakiniku restaurant with a reputation for serving Wagyu beef from their own ranch, which has won awards of excellence at competitions in Okinawa Prefecture. The menu includes "Special Misuji," a Japanese Wagyu top rib, which is exquisitely marbled. Professional baseball players during their spring camps in Okinawa also visit the restaurant, and its deliciousness is well endorsed. The restaurant has been in business for about 30 years, which is no lie!

    Address: 3-4-23 Ikehara, Okinawa City
    Business Hours:11:30~13:30(Beef Soup and Beef Soba)
    11:30~13:30(Beef Soup and Beef Soba)
    Closed: Sunday and Monday
    Parking: available for 10 cars
  7. Steak House Shiki FOUR SEASONS Sonda Honten (Sonda, Okinawa City)

    Their performances are a sight to behold! Enjoy carefully selected ingredients with all five senses at this long-established restaurant.

    ステーキハウス四季 FOUR SEASONS 園田本店(沖縄市園田)
    A long-established teppanyaki steakhouse established in 1972, the year of Okinawa's reversion to mainland to Japan. Customers are welcomed with high quality meat and vegetables, casual style, reasonable prices, and a wide selection of beef, seafood, hamburgers, and more. The steaks are cooked right in front of your eyes and are a true feast for the senses.

    Address: 3-1-25 Sonda, Okinawa City
    Business Hours:11:00~22:00(L.O.21:00)
    Closed: irregular
    Parking: available for 30 cars
  8. Steak House Big Heart Awase branch (Awase, Okinawa City)

    Family-friendly steakhouse.

    ステーキハウス ビッグハート 泡瀬店(沖縄市泡瀬
    Located along Bay Street in Awase, Okinawa City, Big Heart Awase is a steakhouse that has been in business for over 30 years and is loved by the locals. Their top recommendation is their hearty steaks for those who want to enjoy steak with family at ease.

    Address: 2-2-15 Awase, Okinawa City
    Business Hours:11:00〜21:00
    Parking: available for 30 cars
  9. Dining Izakaya Kizuna CONNECTION (Goya, Okinawa City)

    Dining izakaya with plenty of wine and meat.

    ダイニング居酒屋 絆 CONNECTION(沖縄市胡屋)
    Dining Izakaya Kizuna CONNECTION, located in Goya, Okinawa City, is an izakaya where you can enjoy plenty of meat and a wide variety of food. The interior is very stylish, with private rooms available, perfect for families and a girls' night out, and a wide selection of wines that go well with the meat.

    Address: 1F, 2-13-2 Goya, Okinawa City
    Business Hours:19:00-02:00 Closed: Sunday
    Parking: Not Available
  10. Sunrise Hotel Restaurant (Goya, Okinawa City)

    Try the steaks, which are well-received by local customers!

    サンライズホテル レストラン(沖縄市胡屋)
    The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Sunrise Hotel, about 300 meters south of the Goya intersection in Okinawa City. The restaurant is open to non-guests and is so popular that it is crowded with local regulars. The steak is especially famous and is the hotel's specialty.

    Address: 2-1-46 Goya, Okinawa City
    Business Hours:11:30-5:00
    Closed: Open year round
    Parking: Available

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