Okinawa Zoo & Museum

"Learn and experience while having fun! The Okinawa Zoo & Museum is located in the central region of Okinawa Main Island.
The Ryukyu Arc, which includes Okinawa Prefecture, has a natural environment that is unique in the world and has nurtured a unique culture in this natural environment.
Okinawa Zoo is making various efforts to educate people on the nature and culture of the Ryukyu Arc, which is close at hand. The zoo exhibits about 150 species of animals, including wild animals and native domestic animals of the Ryukyu Arc, as well as animals from Japan and around the world. The Wonder Museum, a children's museum, offers a variety of permanent exhibits that visitors can touch and experience, as well as various workshops and sales of original craft kits. The museum offers hands-on programs such as animal feeding, events to learn about animals in a fun way, and a wide variety of workshops. Please check the website for event information. "

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