In the midst of long-standing stores that sell your daily necessities and old-fashioned apparel are new businesses geared toward the younger generation that occasionally pop up here and there. This interlacing of the old and new is the charm of Ichibangai. Located at the center of the arcade is “KOZA BOX”, which not only serves as an information hub with staff stationed to assist you with questions about Koza, but also a common exchange area with a public restroom established for anyone passing through in need of a break. Koza Box is always bustling with local shoppers and children alike.
By taking advantage of the convenience of the arcade, the Tanabata and Yuki Festivals and other extraordinary events are able to be held to entertain residents without having to depend on the condition of the weather. In 2012, the arcade went through a big renovation based on the theme of “Safe and Secure”and has been reborn with the installation of security cameras and night lights. The renovation of the roof to bring in more natural light has also brought in a new sense of open space.

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