Koza Walk Plan

Koza Walk Plan

At the Koza Information Center, to enjoy with ease the deep charm of the city, we have prepared guided city walk programs and, experience Koza plans. Please feel free to make inquiries.

Contact Information
Koza Information Center
Palmyra Street, Chuo 1-17-16, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture 904-0004
TEL : 098-939-4845
FAX : 098-987-9608

Example Koza Walk Plan

Evening Walks in Koza
Evening Walks in Koza

We have a walking tour program that takes about an hour. The city market, considered to be the kitchens of the Koza villagers, has been popular since ancient times. You will be able to see a side of Koza hidden from the American occupation. Come and enjoy the flavor of the people of Koza and its old shops still with the US Army approved A Stickers on them.

Koza's American Story
Koza's American Story

This program is for adults wishing to have a few drinks while walking the town. Depending on your requests we can go to 3 different fun places such as - A Traditional Drinking Establishment where you can hear Okinawan Music, An American-owned Bar with a different cultural flavor, A Bar with Japanese Middle-Aged Beauties ever Willing to Talk! Going by yourself isn't so much fun, but walking with a person akin to Koza and its backstreets is the way to go! This course is highly popular.

Example Experience Koza Plan

"Okinawan Arts Experience" Ryukyu Traditional Dancing - Buyo,and Traditional Folk Dance and Singing

You can experience firsthand genuine Ryuku Dancing and Shamisen playing. You will learn and actual perform dressing up in traditional costumes with cosmetics. Yes, even the men wear makeup!!! How about you? Your instructor will be someone who taught the Drama Group "Unai" known as Okinawa's Takarazuka ( a very famous women's theater in Western Japan).

Koza's American Story - Nighttime Life in the Style of Koza

This is a course where you can experience the American culture which grealty influenced Koza Culture. You will experience using American dollars to buy goods. The more you know Koza, the more you will receive a culture shock!

"Be in a Band!" Music Town is a place to experience playing in a band. Why not be a rock star in this Town of Arts?

As a town in front of the US Base, Okinawa City was first in absorbing western music. The city whose musical roots go back far are deeply rooted in traditional folk music. You can hear many kind of music here. Why not join in a local band and peform on stage?

Dance Experience - Street Dancing Tournament!

Street dancing is really hot in Music Town. Where you find the shops there are also dancing schools where people from an early age can learn how to dance. Why not join in on a workshop, making friends while trying out some fancy moves?

Radio Experience - Creating your own Radio Program

You will take part in creating a radio program on FM Koza, Okinawa City's FM community station. You have an hour's show to plan, produce and star in!

"Local Get Together" Having a festival in Koza to bring together the people in the area.

The predecessor of the City of Okinawa "Koza City" was the town that bustled the most after the War. Its shops have been become somewhat lonely now, but we are tyring to rejuvinate the area though the planning of festivals to bring people together, Let's all come together as one!!

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