RIP TRIP - Introducing spots in Okinawa City!

Richard Hamilton visited Okinawa City, the host city of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. With his friend and fellow former NBA player Maurice Evans, he traveled around the city to explore the food, culture, and Okinawa Arena.

Richard Hamilton and Maurice Evans visit Okinawa City

  1. Okinawa City Fishing Association Payao Market

    Fresh, carefully selected, seafood here.

    Okinawa City Fishing Association Payao Market
    Richard Hamilton's favorite place in Okinawa City is here, the Payao Market. Various fish caught early in the morning are brought in and processed in front of your eyes. Visitors can find here colorful fish unique to the tropical island of Okinawa, as well as tuna unique to Japan on many days. They can choose from a lineup of fish, have them cooked on the spot, and dine inside the store. This fish market, which is crowded with local customers every day, may actually be the best hidden gem of the tourist destination, Okinawa City.

    Address:1-11-34 Awase, Okinawa City
    10:30-18:00 (April-September)
    10:30-17:30 (October-March)
  2. Shinzato Shuzo Distillery

    Established in 1846, Shinzato Shuzo Distillery is proud to be Okinawa’s oldest.

    Shinzato Shuzo

    While preserving its history, this Awamori distillery continues to innovate and build a new era. The Awamori they produce has won numerous awards and is highly regarded for its style and taste. The distiller has turned its attention to creating a whisky unique to Okinawa, with a deep flavor that only the oldest distillery in Okinawa can produce.

    Address:3-22-8 Koja, Okinawa City (Head Office)
    Closed:Sat, Sun, public holidays and New Year's
  3. Charlie’s Tacos

    Tacos & Taco Rice, a long-standing and popular dish.

    Charlie’s Tacos
    Tacos representing Mexican fast food, and taco rice, which is taco ingredients on top of rice, are both excellent. Come and enjoy the taste loved by both locals and tourists.

    Address:4-11-5 Chuo, Okinawa City
    P:Not Available

    A steak restaurant with a night view facing the yacht harbor.

    This is a place where you can enjoy hearty char-grilled steaks, fresh lobsters, and other seafood, while the location with the night view of the sea and the exotic interior combine to enhance the resort atmosphere. Have an elegant dinner in Okinawa City here.

    Address:1-41-15 Awase, Okinawa City
    Lunch/11:30-15:00(L.O. 14:00)
    Dinner/17:00-23:00(L.O. 22:00)
  5. Okinawan noodle Uwachichi

    The owner’s dedication produces a superb soup.

    Okinawan noodle Uwachichi
    The beautiful, clear soup based on bonito broth will captivate even those who enjoy the lightest of flavors. The tenderness of the seared soki (spare ribs) is irre- sistible.

    Address:1-16-27 Hiyagon, Okinawa City
  6. Tsukemen Jinbei

    One of the most popular tsukemen in Okinawa.

    Tsukemen Jinbei
    This popular restaurant has been recognized in ramen rankings not only in Okinawa but also in all of Japan. It’s worth visiting Okinawa City just for the Jinbei’s noodles.

    Address:5-13-18 Chihana, Okinawa City
    Closes when sold out
  7. Ajitoya

    Curry made with Okinawan brown sugar.

    A savory soup curry made with an original spice blend. Topped with fresh grilled vegetables, the curry ingredients also include Okinawan brown sugar.

    Address:5-24-6 Awase, Okinawa City
    Fri, Sat, Sun 11:00-14:30 17:30-20:00
  8. Downtown Donuts

    A wine bar that also serves donuts.

    Downtown Donuts
    The donuts are made with flour grown on Okinawa using organic farming methods, and can be enjoyed at the bar counter in an adult atmosphere.

    Address:1-14-15 Teruya, Okinawa City
    Closed:Tue, Wed
    P:Not Available
  9. Okinawa Zoo & Museum

    A collaborative facility between the zoo and museum.

    Okinawa Zoo & Museum
    The zoo offers an up close look at popular animals such as elephants, giraffes, and white lions, as well as animals unique to Okinawa. Richard Hamilton and Maurice Evans also had a special opportunity to play the sanshin, a traditional Okinawan musical instrument, in the Furusatoen, an area of relocated old houses at Okinawa Zoo and Museum(Kodomo no Kuni). The park is regarded the best theme park in Okinawa, where visitors can interact with rare animals and appreciate valuable cultural assets.

    Address:5-7-1 Goya, Okinawa City
    April-September 9:30-18:00 (admission until 17:00)
    October-March 9:30-17:30(admission until 16:30)
  10. Eisa Museum

    Experience the history and culture of traditional arts.

    Eisa Museum
    In Okinawa, where the culture of ancestor worship is deeply rooted, there is a belief that the spirits of ancestors return to this world from the other world at the time of year in the lunar calendar called Obon. The spirits of ancestors who have returned to this world are sent off with the sound of drums and Eisa dance performances parading through the community. The Eisa Kaikan is a facility where visitors can experience the history and culture of Eisa.

    Address:1-1-1 Uechi, Okinawa-shi
  11. Southeast Botanical Gardens

    Meet more than 1,300 species of rare subtropical plants.

    Southeast Botanical Gardens
    A botanical garden resort where you can encounter many subtropical plants that can only be seen here in Japan. There are two areas: the picturesque “Water Paradise” and the “Botanical Garden” where the deep greenery heals your mind and soul. Among them, don't miss the world's longest living tree, Dragon Tree, and the baobab. From late November to early April, the garden is light up, making it a garden that visitors can enjoy all year round.

    Address:2146 Chibana, Okinawa City
    9:30-22:00 (last admission 21:30)
  12. Okinawa City Museum of Postwar Culture and History Histreet

    You’ll see Okinawa City, which formed its own unique culture.

    After World War II, Okinawa City developed dramatically as commercial and entertainment services were created one after another for military personnel and civilians from bases adjacent to Okinawa City. This museum allows visitors to hear the recorded voice of Okinawa City’s unique culture.

    Address:2-2-1 Chuo, Okinawa City
    Closed:Mon, public holidays, Okinawa Memorial Day (June 23), end of the year and New Year holidays.
  13. Live Music Bar JET

    The powerful performances attract many foreign fans.

    Live Music Bar JET
    The music of Okinawa City has developed into a unique style, mixing the music sought by U.S. soldiers with Okinawa's musical culture. It has become a unique mecca for rock music. in Japan. Therefore, streets in Okinawa City are lined with a variety of live music venues. Here at JET, the crowds arrive as soon as the doors open, and even the foreign audience is enthusiastic about the powerful live performances of mainly American classic rock from the 60's and 70's.

    Address:1-10-3 Chuo, Okinawa City
    Fri, Sat 20:00~
  14. Prince

    A bar still carrying the old A sign.

    Before leaving for war, American soldiers would fix $1 bills with their names and dates written on them on the wall of Bar Prince, wishing for their safe return. Even today, countless one dollar bills are still on the walls and ceilings, telling their dignity to this day.

    Address:1-4-2 Uechi, Okinawa City

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